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Ways to get started towards your growth, scale and exit goals

Interested in taking your business to the next level?Let's turnaround your business by chatting one on one.

The following product ladder lays out the exact pathway a prospective client will travel from first contact through to being a bespoke 1-2-1 client.

Please swap out the subjects, time frame and pricing to your personal offerings

1-2-1 introductory meeting

  • Meet and greet

  • Understand more about the business, history and challenges faced (current situation)

  • Primary goals and ambitions for future of business (desired future)

  • Actions and next steps to bridge current with future

30 mins
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Need a little bit more time? Want to get something to take away from our time together?

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Hospitality Business Foundations Course

  • Lifetime access to self-paced online training course

  • Ever growing bank of modules and resources

  • Core training modules to help you build a successful restaurant and hospitality business

  • Find out more here

Online Training


General Store Audit

  • Observe on busiest shift to give recommendations list and high level changes to start making in the business.

  • Upsell in to full store trainings and fixes (below).

  • If no recommendations, money back

Busiest shift
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Business meeting

Business owner deep dive session

Recap of:

  • Meet and greet

  • Understand more about the business, history and challenges faced (current situation)

  • Primary goals and ambitions for future of business (desired future)


  • Identify quick wins to see immediate change

  • Put together and provide a plan and framework to follow for tactical changes and improvements

90 mins

Need help with your business strategy and work to a viable exit?

Business strategy + action plan

  • Look at current business and history

  • Identify and set goals for business and business owner

  • Identify gaps between current business and desired goals for business and business owner

  • Confirm Growth, Scale or Exit plan (Report)

  • Set tactical objectives and tasks to achieve desired future state

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Do you want to improve the functional areas of your business?


The Full Package

  • Deep dive session (90mins)

  • Access to Hospitality Business Foundations Course

  • Site visit and general store audit

  • Meet and greet team

  • Observe + understand more of current staff practices and ways of working

  • Collate feedback from customers on current experience (focus on areas for improvement)

  • Bar layout evaluation + recommendations

  • Work 1:1 with team members to improve customer service

  • How to upsell and run promotions

  • Collect positive customer feedback for online reviews

3 months


6mth engagement (on ground, weekly, monthly calls)

  • Full package


  • Monthly site visit + embedment (total = 6 visits)

  • Weekly touch base with team / staff

  • Weekly 1hr call with business owner

  • Monthly strategy review

6 months
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Monthly accountability & mentoring retainer

  • Continuation after 6mth engagement

  • Monthly business strategy review + changes to make

  • Identify any changes to team / staff ways of working

60 mins
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