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Hospitality and Business Case Studies

Popular Pub in University Centre, South Africa


There were 3- key challenges: A high turnover of unhappy student staff, escalating wastage costs of food and drink from repeat mistakes, still needing to manage the demands and expectations of a VERY busy and vibrant University Town.


By working with the current staff and properly training all new staff meant re-calibrating the culture of the business to create a more friendly- but focused- atmosphere with the team.


This by default improved the customer experience as the team were working better, more proficiently, and more effectively, which in turn increased sales for the business and overall tip-earnings for the staff.

Local UK Pub, United Kingdom

In a popular area of South London, it was discovered that communication and morale across the business and team was low and ineffective. This was resulting in the team working incongruently (not on the same page) and as a result the front-of-house was simply inefficient. Customers were not getting timely service, food orders were rushed, and waste levels were high.

Through an element of re-training the team in how to "work smarter" the business now works a lot “leaner” (meaning less steps, thus more productive) than it did before (and by default is now more profitable). There was also an improvement in staff morale as the team was working better together and finishing shift at closing time.

Online Cooking School Start-up, United Kingdom

This start-up business had the ambition to marry Desi cooking style with cooking practices using the Thermomix machine.


Over the course of 12-weeks this business went from idea to operating, drawing in Thermomix sales, online cooking classes and a host of shared delicacies. 

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Family business, South Africa

Primary role was to manage the front-of-house and be very visible and face-to-face with customers, whilst also managing the team. Additional responsibilities included store operations and reporting. 

The business maintained consistent increases in both revenues and profits over the years through stringent oversight of ways of working, food portioning and wastage, time management of personnel, staff training to increase productivity, and a keen eye on payroll and stock costs.

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Teaching Public Speaking Abroad Start-up, Canada

With home roots based abroad this start-up business sought to bridge the language barrier and teach much needed English skills across two continents.


During a 12-week mentorship this business went from idea to launch with paying clients coming in from schools in the home country.

Growing a Property Business, United Kingdom

Covid-19 hit the property industry immensely hard. With a business sitting on the brink it was important to tighten controls, express business acumen, and work with tenants and landlords to ensure the survival of the business. Fast-forward and the business is now poised to grow, having navigated the adversity and itself around.

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